1. Our Theological Task:
The current statement on Our Theological Task which appears in the 2008 Book of
Discipline is an effective introduction to theology in the Wesleyan tradition.

2. ¶ 160. Part IV - Social Principles - I. The Natural World
Al C. Kuelling submitted a 2008 petition to amend the Science and Technology statement
about the natural world which now appears in ¶ 160, letter F, of the 2008 Book of
Discipline of The United Methodist Church.

3. The 2008 Book of Resolutions: # 1027. God’s Creation and the Church
This resolution was first adopted in 1996 and then amended and readopted in both 2004
and 2008. The last change in 2008 was to include an endorsement for the The Clergy
Letter Project and its reconciliatory programs between religion and science.

4. The 2008 Book of Resolutions: # 5052. Evolution and Intelligent Design
In 2008, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church approved the
petition, which was submitted by the Kansas East Annual Conference and Libby

5. Scripture, Science, and Our Wesleyan Heritage
Where do we at WesleyNexus stand on the principle of the primacy of Scripture? To
answer this question, we begin with guidance from the United Methodist Book of
Discipline as we uphold the role of Scripture in the Science and Religion dialogue.

6. Resolution approved by the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, May 28, 2011
In May of 2011, the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference passed a resolution
affirming the resolutions passed at the 2008 General Conference and encouraged those
interested to utilize the resources found at www.wesnex.org.  
From The United Methodist Book of Discipline and
The United Methodist Book of Resolutions
(2008 Editions)
United Methodist Doctrinal Statements