Prayer and Science
January 5, 2011
To you, creator of all that is, we give thanks for our awareness of the transcendent in our

We are thankful that our religious experiences are embodied, for how else could we
know and experience you, O God.

We thank you for the communities in which we have grown and have been nurtured, for
without the stories we have been told, we would remain ignorant of your presence, your
gifts of love, and the gift of salvation in the form of grace through your son Jesus, our

Help us to be always aware of our limitations to fend off the extremes of our pride as our
science ferrets out the secrets of your creation.

Keep us aware of our ingrown need for your love.

Teach us that our bodies are truly the temples where you reside and that by the very
pleasurable acts of sex we can know another in close and rewarding relationship.  You
even trust us to sometimes pass on the gift of life to another generation.

Help us this day to convey a sense of awe and wonder that acknowledges your height
and depth and breadth.  Help us to hold as a sacred trust the maintenance of diversity
and ubiquity of life manifest upon our planet and in all creation.

Help us to convey this knowledge to those who have not heard and to remind all who
call themselves Methodist of these truths.

Teach us to care for your entire world for it is truly a wonder.  Teach us especially to
care for the poor and those who do not have access to all its benefits.

Keep us ever on our toes in anticipation of recognizing the novelty and newness you
provide each day in all our relationships and especially as you bless our work together
this day.

For we pray all of these things in your powerful and holy name.  Amen.
Prayer for WesleyNexus Board Meeting
Written and Led by Walter Shropshire