Prayer and Science
November 13, 2010
Hear us, we pray, O God.  

For it is with humility and hesitation that we dare to approach you, the powerful creator
and sustainer of all that is.  As your creatures, limited in thought and body, we give you
thanks and praise that you deemed it fit to create us with your image within us.  Forgive
us that we fail to recognize this aspect of your divinity that is an integral part of us.  
Forgive us, when we elevate our own personal self, assuming that this self represents
completely who we are and what we are called to be.   For it is this dangerous self that
controls our desires, actions and pleasures and holds our precious memories.

Today as we meet together as friends to consolidate our work and plan ahead for the
future, bless what we share.  Forgive us when we speak selfishly, pursuing our own
agendas, and help us find a common ground where we can use our mutual skills and
resources to fulfill our mission of educating our fellow Wesleyans about the importance
of a balance between science and faith.  Help us remember that both of these areas are
sources of truth about our world and that both can assist us as we strive to bring honor
and glory to your Holy name.

Be with us and guide our minds, our tongues, and out spirits for we pray all of this
earnestly in the name of our brother, Jesus the Christ.  Amen.
Prayer for WesleyNexus Board Meeting
Written and Led by Walter Shropshire