Guide to Video Resources
March 2011
Miller, Lisa.  (Host).  (March 29, 2011).  Science of the Soul.  A TV documentary
program aired on the History International channel, Tuesday March 29, 2011Science of
the Soul. (2011).    As reviewed by Walter Shropshire for WesleyNexus.

December 2010
Amenabar, Alejandro.  (Director).  (2010).  Agora [DVD].  [As reviewed:  $15.99]
Reviewed by Walter Shropshire for WesleyNexus, December 2010

October 2010
Belton, David.  (Director).  (2010).  God in America [DVD].  United States:  Frontline
and American Experience of Boston, MA.  [As reviewed:  Documentary Film, $34.99]
Reviewed by Walter Shropshire for WesleyNexus

March 2010
Amiel, Jon. (Director).  (2010).  Creation:  The true story of Charles Darwin [DVD].  
United States:  IMDB.  
Reviewed by Eugenie Scott, Director of the National Center for Science Education

February 2010
Olson, Randy. (Director). (2006).  Flock of dodos: The intelligent design circus [DVD].  
United States: Docuramafilms.    [As Reviewed:  Documentary Film, $15.69]
Reviewed By Walter Shropshire for WesleyNexus
Video Reviews
Podcasts and Online Video
1.  An Interesting Podcast:  God as Creative Mystery.  Dr. Gordon Kaufman is a
theologian who is sparking some enthusiasm.  The interview was done in the context of
Stuart Kauffman's book “
Reinventing the Sacred.”  Kaufman is talking about faith,
creativity and mystery. Some consider this a very unusual approach for a theologian.

2.  The film,
Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, (follow link for more information) is
about a world renown neurosurgeon at John Hopkins Children’s Center.  He is a 7th Day
Adventists and the movie presents his science and faith working to make him who he is
in a very accessible way.

3.  The
Wesley Ministry Network has developed a wonderful beginning science and
religion video series.  Hosted by Francis Collins, Director, The National Institutes of
Health and Former Director, The Human Genome Project, this series provides an
introduction and  framework for those interested in learning what the field is all about.   
Dr. Collins’ introduction can be viewed on the web without charge.

4.  Closer To The Truth provides a wide range of web based podcasts on a variety of
    Consciousness                         Cosmos                        God

5.  Wesley Wildman (Boston University)  The Center for the Study of Religion and
Psychology at Boston University's Danielsen Institute under the direction of Dr. Robert
Neville hosts a study of religious experience (It is advanced).  Each title below is a link.

Spirituality and the Brain: A Scientific Approach to Religious Experience

A Smorgasbord of Dangers and Delights

Can You Trust Your Instincts?

Peeking Behind the Ideological Curtain

Make It Start, Make It Stop!       

6.  Veritas Forum:  The Veritas Forum produces a series of university events that engage
students and faculty in discussions about life's hardest questions and the relevance of
Jesus Christ to all of life.  The events are created by local university students, professors,
and ministers while shaped and guided by the headquarter Veritas team. (from an
evangelical perspective.)