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What Does It Mean to Say that God Acts in Our World? by James Wiseman.  James A.
Wiseman is a Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at The Catholic Univeristy
of America and also a Benedictine monk at St. Anselm's Abbey in Washington, DC.  
This paper was the foundation for a program at Good Shepherd United Methodist
Church in Silver Spring, Maryland on November 20, 2011.  The slide presentation can be

Quantum Theology: Our Spooky Interconnectedness - An interview with Catherine Keller
By Beatrice Marovich from Religion Dispatches, November 2, 2011.  

Peace Breaks Out in the War Between Science and Religion by Michael Zimmerman.  
Thanks to Michael for mentioning WesleyNexus.

Christi-inanity: The United Methodist blogger, Dan Dick, has written an provocative
article with a somewhat unfortunate title that states
"we don’t know what to do with
smart people who ask tough questions."

A related article was brought to our attention by
Michael Dowd.  Religion Dispatches
posted an article by Paul Wallace:
New Report: Young People Leaving Church for
Science.  It summarizes a report by the Barna Group.  The report "why so many young
people are leaving the church these days."  One answer: “Churches come across as
antagonistic toward science.”   See the Barna Group report

Interview with Robert Bellah, whose recent book Religion in Human Evolution: From
the Paleolithic to the Axial Age was published in September, 2011.

Stone Forum in the New York Times:  "Reason for Reason" by Michael P.
Lynch, October 2, 2011

"A Reflection on Ways of Thinking" by Dr. Philip Blackwell.  Dr. Blackwell reaches
back to
"John Wesley, Amateur Scientist" to answer the question by one of his
parishioners in Chicago: “How can I work all week long as a modern-day scientist
applying all the principles I know and then stand up in church to recite ancient creeds and
sing antiquated hymns that contradict what I know to be true?”

The Un-Heretical Christian: Lynn Harold Hough, Darwinism and Christianity in the
1920s America by Dawn M. Digrius.  Reviewed by Dick Rhorer, WesleyNexus Board
member, September 2011.

1.  The Stone on the New York Times:  The NY Times has created an exclusive online
commentary entitled
"The Stone" which publishes popularized musings of philosophers
on a variety of topics.

2.  Religion and Science: A Contemporary Discussion.  Selected articles on the
Huffington Post are dedicated to constructive discussion of science and religion.  

3.  What Scientists Think About Religion by Elaine Howard Ecklund, Ph.D., Assistant
Professor of Sociology, Rice University.  Almost a quarter of Americans think scientists
are hostile to religion.  But what do we really know about how scientists think about
morality, spirituality, and faith?

4.  Purpose-Driven Life by Brian Boyd.  Does evolution by natural selection rob life of
purpose, as so many have feared?  The answer is no.  On the contrary, Charles Darwin
has made it possible to understand how purpose, like life, builds from small beginnings,
from the ground up.  In a very real sense, evolution creates purpose.

5.  Science & The Evangelical Mission In America, by Ken Wilson, begins this way:  
"My evangelical heart was first exposed to the issue when I sat down for coffee with the
only biology graduate student attending our church at the time.  I asked Theresa an
innocent question:  'We have grad students in English, social work, and engineering—
why aren’t there more science and biology students in our church?'"

6.  Holy Surgical Side Effect by Greg Miller
People of many religious faiths share the belief that there is a reality that transcends their
personal experience.  Now, a study with brain cancer patients hints at brain regions that
may regulate this aspect of spiritual thinking.

7.  Professor John Harwood Hick (born Yorkshire, England, 1922) is a philosopher of
religion and theologian.  We recently ran across two articles of his on Science and
Religion, and, Who or What Is God?  The links are below:

8.  MetaNexus Institute in Philadelphia has a large collection of thoughtful articles on a
variety of topics.  Most articles assume some background in the topic being addressed.

9.  Another interesting article comes from
The Pluralistic Universe by Nathan Schneider.

10.  Philip Clayton is a productive and gifted scholar who holds a triple appointment at
Claremont Graduate School.  He is listed in the department of Religion, the department
of Philosophy, and as Ingraham Professor at Claremont School of Theology.  He has
done significant work on the concepts of emergence and panentheism as well as
numerous other topics.

Big Questions Online is a publication of the John Templeton Foundation and is one
of the better resources for original material available on the web.  

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