Prayer and Science
February 24, 2010
May we pray:
O God, creative, imaginative, fertile and prolific, ubiquitous in your care, accept we pray
these words which we place timidly before your divine mystery and majesty.  

We give you thanks that you took thought and produced a singularity in the quantum
foam of chaos and brought our cosmic creation into existence.  

We give you thanks for the activities of the blue green algae that produced the oxygen of
our planet’s atmosphere which enabled our ancestors to evolve, emerge from the seas,
and live on the dry land.

We give you thanks for the meteor you sent which struck our earth and opened a niche
for us to evolve as conscious and thinking beings in the place of the dinosaurs.  

We give you thanks for the gift of imagination of our scientists who design and construct
“Mirror Bees” to protect us and our world from the threat of future impacts of
destructive asteroids.  

We give you thanks for the gift of sex which by the reshuffling of genes enables our
progeny to evolve in new ways which fit them for living in the changing environments by
which you test us.  

We give you thanks for telomeres that can be lengthened to give us longer life and
potentially rival the days of Methuselah.  

Teach us by the guidance of your Holy Spirit to know our place in the order of things as
we learn with quantum computers to derive the mathematical and statistical modes by
which you created not only the very small worlds of quarks and leptons but also the
enormous pattern of the great walls of galaxies at the edges of the universe we can

Keep us humble as we are awed by our ability to capture Hubble images of the depths of
space and the creative cauldrons of distant galaxies bringing new stars and planets into

Teach us how to speak to a world of rapid change and the growth of new knowledge.

Now be with us as we develop our small Wesnex web page as a way of sharing our
beliefs and knowledge with our fellow Methodists.  

May all that we design and share bring honor and glory to your holy name; for we pray
all these things in the name of our brother Jesus, who came into the world to teach us
how to love.  Amen.

(1) “Mirror Bees” is an experiment by the Planetary Society to prevent a large asteroid from hitting the earth. See The Planetary
Report, Volume XXX Number 1, January/February 2010,
(2) Stem cell research together with research on cancer and aging has rebuilt the
tips of chromosomes (telomeres) that must be maintained to prevent cellular aging.
(3) Prayer written by Walt Shropshire.
Prayer for WesleyNexus Board Meeting
Written and Led by Walter Shropshire