Cosmos and Creation
1. Is Your God Too Small? - Science and religion must combine their visions to
comprehend our unimaginable cosmos and its unlimited Creator.

2. Einstein on Religion and Science

3. What's Wrong with Science as Religion  - By Karl Giberson

4. Bridging the Divide: An Interview with John Polkinghorne and Michael Northcott

5. Is God at the End of the Scientific Rainbow?  - By Greg Easterbrook

6. From Certainty to Uncertainty - By David F. Peat  
Part One, Part Two

Cosmotheology Revisited: Theological Implications of Extraterrestrial Life  - By Steven

8. On The Nature and Future of The Universe:  An Interview with Lee Smolin

9. Science and the Quest for Cosmic Purpose  - By John Haught

10. Faith and Quantum Theory  - By Stephen M. Barr
Resources For Addressing Cosmos and Creation