Ideas and Materials for Starting New Groups
Rick Barr, one of the WesleyNexus Board members, started the Montgomery County
Science and Religion Discussion Group in 2000.  This group meets monthly from
September through May at Grace United Methodist Church in Gaithersburg, MD.  He
has had such a positive experience that he wants others to consider starting their own
group.  This page contains resources for doing just that.  If you start a group, please tell
us!  Click on "Contact Us" above.

An Invitation to Start Your Own Group

An Invitation to Discuss Albert Einstein's View of Science and Religion.

Suggested Topic:  Metaphors of God

Suggested Topic:  Typologies and Models -- Ian Barbour and John Haught

Suggested Topic:  Prayer by Walt Schropshire

Suggested Topic:  Cosmos and Creation

Suggested Topic:  Consciousness       

Suggested Topic:  Emergence

Montgomery County Science and Religion Programs       
Starting Your Own Discussion Group