Dear Newsletter Recipient,

Just recently, we achieved a milestone with the WesleyNexus website.  While much work remains to
be done, we noted that you can now use the
Google or Bing search engines to locate our website.  
While rankings and search engine results change daily, a recent Google search using the phrase “John
Wesley science and religion” resulted in the WesleyNexus website appearing on page one of the search
results!  The website was listed 2nd one week ago and 5th today.  Using the same search terms on
Bing also resulted in a page one listing (4th and 7th today).  Using the search phrase “John Wesley
science and theology” produced a listing of 3rd on Google’s search results.  We are pleased.  We
thank board member Dick Rhorer for researching these results.

Next month, one of the WesleyNexus board members, Vice-President Rev. Maynard Moore, Ph.D.,
will be presenting a paper on WesleyNexus entitled
“The Mission of God and Science and Religion
in the Wesleyan Tradition:  Three-Part Presentation,”
(Paper will be posted soon—see Events for
details) at the annual meeting of the
Wesleyan Theological Society on March 3rd, 4th, and 5th in
Dallas.  This year the meeting is being held in conjunction with Perkins Theological School for the
Laity (Laity Week) at the
Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University.

In the months ahead, look for more materials to be added to the “
Start a Group” page by board
member Rick Barr.  His Montgomery County Science and Religion Discussion group continues and a
very interesting meeting on Albert Einstein’s understanding of religion was held in January.  You can
read a response to it written by board member
Dick Rhorer.

Finally, a small “make-over” for the website was just completed.  While we will always focus on
newsworthy content and its quality first, we have updated several buttons on the home page, and
added a new array of buttons for the "
Resources" page.  We hope the new navigation array will make
it easier for users to find what they need.  Take a look and as always, if you have
comments or
suggestions for the website, please contact me as I am serving as editor and webmaster.

The work continues.  We value your interest!


Rev. Tony Gattis, Ph.D.
February 8, 2011