Dear WesleyNexus Recipient,

We are now ending our third month online, and we appreciate the several comments that some of you
have shared (as well as some critical suggestions).  We are learning as we go along, and we believe
you will see some improvements on the website soon.  That being said, we can report several items of
interest and hope you will share others with us.

First, as we reported in January, we were gratified by a significant presentation to us by theologian Dr.
John Haught, now faculty emeritus at Georgetown University, as he challenged everyone present to
think differently when we discuss the scientific and theological significance of evolution.  Now his
book is out -- Making Sense of Evolution: Darwin, God, and the Drama of Life (Westminster John
Knox Press, Louisville), 163 pp in paperback for $19.95 (ISBN: 978-0-664-23285-6).  It is eleven
chapters, well focused and highly readable -- it is a resource that any church-related group (including
scientists) can easily use for productive discussion.

Secondly, we submitted a proposal some weeks ago for consideration by the Board of Directors of the
Wesleyan Theological Society, and during their business meeting in San Diego on March 6th, toward
the end of their annual conference, the Board voted to approve WesleyNexus as an "affiliate"
organization.  It means that the WTS members around the country and internationally will be able to
access the WesNex website through a link on the Society's website.  We hope this will enhance our
traffic flow and will lead to productive dialogue from this important source within the Wesleyan
tradition.  The 2011 Annual meeting of WTS will be held next March in Dallas, hosted by Perkins
School of Theology at SMU, and we will alert you with details through a posting in our section on
coming events when they get their bulletin online for the Dallas meeting.

A final note: Annual Conferences around the country in the United Methodist Church will be coming
up in May and June.  We urge all who are United Methodists in our network to participate, and, if
rules permit, introduce a resolution that might bring to the attention of clergy and lay leaders that
WesleyNexus is now online as a dialogue resource for them.  If any of you can manage to get a
resolution of support from an Annual Conference, that would be great -- let us know.  If you would
like some suggested wording, we can offer you a model that you can adapt.  We await your contact.

Meanwhile, let's keep the dialogue going.  We have quite a few discussions face-to-face each month in
the greater Washington D.C. area, but we want this to be virtual and much broader, so we want to
hear from you. Respond at anytime to -- and we'll be in touch!


E. Maynard Moore, Ph.D., Vice President for Business Development
March 31, 2010