Dear WesleyNexus Recipient,

We are delighted with your interest in the new website,  Thank you for registering
your email address so that you may receive our occasional e-newsletter.  We value your participation.  
Those of us on the WesleyNexus Board anticipate an exciting year of growth as we continue to
develop the website and as we involve people like you.  Assuming we continue to receive new
participant registrations, you can anticipate the first e-newsletter no later than June of this year.  
Meanwhile, perhaps you can tell others about us.

Our goal is to provide website links, articles, lists, and other materials along with an occasional
e-newsletter that will support a constructive dialogue among those who take both science and religion
seriously.  Although we anticipate our primary audience to be those with a Wesleyan background, the
WesleyNexus Board values diverse viewpoints and different backgrounds.  We have found our own
discussions to be informative and stimulating, especially when we openly dialogue with one another.  
Thus, you can anticipate a wide range of materials and viewpoints being included on the website.  We
believe that respectful dialogue from different perspectives can be constructive and positive.  Our wish
is that each online visitor will locate materials which are stimulating and worthy of study and group
discussion as you develop your own opinions and maintain your own faith outlook.

Within this desire to be inclusive broadly, we also intend to set limits.  There are materials which will
not be available on the website.  In general, we wish to include only those materials that a) take the
conclusions of mainline science seriously, b) leave open the possibility of maintaining a vibrant and
credible religious faith, and c) are respectful of the entire human community.  These endeavors are too
frequently treated as mutually exclusive.  Our goal is to be inclusive.  That is why WesleyNexus was

If you have suggestions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at as we
value your feedback.  Please allow at least one week for a response as we are all volunteers working
without staff assistance.   

Our intention is to build a dynamic, positive online community.  Thank you for your support.

On behalf of the WesleyNexus Board,

Rick Barr, Secretary
January 31, 2010