Dear Newsletter Recipient,

WesleyNexus continues to move forward in its mission to promote science and religion within the
Wesleyan tradition.  In May, the Baltimore Washington Annual Conference passed a resolution
affirming the importance of science and faith coming together in dialogue within the church by
encouraging “people who are so included to utilize the resources available on the
website for discussion purposes.”  To see a summary statement in the conference newsletter, go the
here (see first bullet).  To see the full resolution, go to the link here.  

The Montgomery County Science and Religion Discussion Group completed their 11th year of
meetings this month.  Dr. Maynard Moore discussed a paper on the problem of evil which was
presented to the IRAS conference in Chautauqua, NY the week of June 18-25.  The month before,
Dr. Curt Thompson lead a discussion of his book The Anatomy of the Soul.  Dr. Thompson is a
psychiatrist who lives and practices in Northern Virginia.  His website can be found

It is always enjoyable to find new resources on the Web.  I recently discovered a website called

Religion Dispatches
.  The site contains a wide variety of articles including ones specifically related to
the science and religion dialogue.  These can be found under the tab
"Science".  As stated on their
About page, “Religion Dispatches is a daily online magazine dedicated to the analysis and
understanding of religious forces in the world today, highlighting a diversity of progressive voices and
aimed at broadening and advancing the public conversation.”  It has become one of the links I check
on a daily basis.  

We at WesleyNexus will continue to support the science and religion dialogue in our local communities
and to spread the word wherever we can.  As always, if you have comments or suggestions, please
contact us.

God Bless,

Rick Barr
Secretary, WesleyNexus
July 9, 2011