Dear WesleyNexus Recipient,

By June 1st, the WesleyNexus website will be re-launched on a new server using the same web
address as before --  Soon, you will encounter a new look with our same banner.  
This change is exciting because there are several clear advantages over the current arrangement.  We
hope you like the new look, but more importantly, this change provides new website functions while
making the WesleyNexus website easier to use.  

The first advantage is that it becomes possible to add audio files to the WesleyNexus website which
can be played with RealPlayer SP directly from the website.  RealPlayer (available: is a well known jukebox or audio player available for
download in the basic version free of charge.  In January 2010, Dr. John Haught's lecture entitled,
"Evolution, God, and the Drama of Life," was recorded.  On 16 May 2010, a recording will be made
of the lecture, "Time, Einstein, and the Coolest Stuff in the Universe," presented by Dr. William D.
Phillips, a Nobel Prize winner in Physics.  It is exciting to share such occasional presentations with all
WesleyNexus website users like you.  

Second, many of you will have noticed our current website relies heavily on Adobe .pdf documents.  
This means all users must have a .pdf reader installed on the computer they are using.  When the
switchover is implemented, you will see that most documents will appear in the standard html format.  
Thus, the web browser will not need to open ("call up") a .pdf reader like Adobe in order to view and
read the WesleyNexus documents.  The files will load more quickly!

As part of this change, third, the index to the website will be updated.  Our goal is to make it easier
and more intuitive for everyone to navigate to the pages they want.  A "What's New" page for recent
additions will remain, but a more effective index or catalog for the long-term collection will be added.  
If you have an idea about how to make it easier to list documents, please send us an email message at  We appreciate hearing about your internet experience with the WesleyNexus

Last, it will be possible to make more frequent and thus timelier updates to the website.  One of our
goals is to advertise local science and religion events in the D.C. metropolitan area as well as national
events, when they occur.  While it will remain a constant challenge to keep the website current
without paid staff, the new server will allow immediate and constant access for updating current
events and correcting any errors which may occur.  

We are excited about this impending change and what it can mean for advancing the science and
religion dialogue.  We hope you will be, too.  


W. Tony Gattis, Ph.D., Vice-President for Organizational Development
April 30, 2010