Dear WesleyNexus Recipient,

Again I welcome you as a participant in the WesleyNexus network of persons engaged in the ongoing
science and religion dialogue.  Persons who registered with us in January received their first
communication last month.  For those newly registering with us this month, this letter will be your first

If you have visited the site in recent weeks, you will see a number of new postings.  There are a
half-dozen new book reviews, and some notices of upcoming events.  We are working hard on
providing more content on the resources page, especially in the category of prayer in the context of the
science/religion dialogue.  That effort should continue to expand since this will be the topic of
discussion for the Montgomery County Science and Religion Group in March.

Most of our Board attention has been given to the completion of our legal filings, our state registration,
and a few other administrative details.  But we are also experimenting with a reconfiguration of the
website categories, to make the site more user friendly.  That work may take a few more
weeks, so we ask your patience -- and indeed, if you have any suggestions, we'd be glad to hear from

By the summer we hope to have the site more interactive.  For the moment, all we can ask of you is
that you join with us in adding content to the material on the site.  One of the easiest ways to do that is
to write a book review -- whatever you have been reading recently relating to the science/religion
dialogue and that you would recommend to others.  Follow the format you observe on the book
review site, write a one-page, 2 or 3 paragraph review of the book, and send it in to us as an
attachment.  It's that simple.  Our editorial team will review it for its appropriate contribution to our
site, and if we don't make too many edits, you might well see it posted on your next visit.  If you do
send us a review, or an article you have written, please be sure to include your current institutional
connection and your home city/state, with your email address, so people can send you comments.

At any time, we welcome your comments and suggestions, and any leads you might suggest as
potential links that can further the dialogue and resource base for our expanding network.  Many
thanks for your inquiries, your visits, and your participation.

Grace and peace,

Walt Shropshire, President WesleyNexus
February 28, 2010