Dear Newsletter Recipient,

Two of our Board members, Dr. Tony Gattis and Dr. Maynard Moore, attended the Annual Meeting
of the American Scientific Affiliation held July 30--August 2 at The Catholic University of America in
Washington DC.  It was time well-spent.  Both encourage everyone in our network to check out the
web link:  

Tony writes:

As a pastor and communication scholar trained as a social scientist, it was my great delight to attend
the 65th annual meeting of the ASA. This group describes itself as a network of Christians in science.  
Since I had never attended a conference of natural and physical scientists, this was an exciting
experience for me.  The breadth of information was startling.  I attended sessions on emergence,
energy, the environment, the Hubble Telescope and Exoplanets, the National Institutes of Health
(NIH), the Genome Project, the Human Origins Exhibit at the Natural History Museum, plus
workshops focused on a wide variety of theological and philosophical issues.  All of this information
was presented around current issues which challenge our society.  As a result, I am much better
equipped to think about these topics.

A number of sessions addressed the Evolution vs. Creationism issue that has divided many churches at
one time or another.  I was impressed with the commitment by all to allow science to describe
evolution while explaining and describing how evolution is not in conflict with evangelical faith.  As a
pastor interested in dialogue, I was moved by the call to radical dialogue.  To this point, one presenter
recognized dialogue between science and faith as being in its infancy; however, the commitment to the
process was complete.  These leaders expect dialogue to produce good results!  Rather than "running
and hiding from one another," it was argued, "we need to create a culture of conversation."  In the
presence of such intelligent scientists, it is difficult to imagine how I could have been more impressed.

Maynard writes:

Seconding everything Tony says above, this 65-year old organization deserves a serious look by all
Wesleyans.  When one pays membership dues, an immediate benefit is the quarterly Journal.  Vol. 62,
No. 3 just arrived in my mailbox.  Among the articles are these:  "Reading Genesis:  The Historicity of
Adam and Eve, Genomics, and Evolutionary Science," "Genesis and the Genome:  Genomic Evidence
for Human-Ape Common Ancestry . . . ," and "Recent Genetic Science and Christian Theology in
Human Origins . . . ."  We look forward to the monthly newsletters and continuing dialogue with the
leaders of this group.  Alert: next year's ASA meeting is scheduled for July 29-August 1st at North
Central College near Chicago.  The theme: Science-Faith Synergy:  Serving Humanity.  Check the
website for details on the Call for Papers.


Dr. Tony Gattis, Vice-President for Organizational Development
Dr. Maynard Moore, Vice-President for Business Development
August 25, 2010