Dear WesleyNexus Colleague:

   On February 9, on a snowy Sunday evening at the Baltimore-Washington Conference Mission
Center, more than sixty loyal dialogue participants enjoyed the program focusing on “Different Orders
of Truth in Science and Religion.” Formal presentations were followed by comments, questions and
discussion. Dr. Richard Restak, renowned author and neuropsychologist at the George Washington
University Medical School, led off by helping us to understand how the mind works, and how some
people are open to new facts and analysis, while others
are rigid in beliefs in spite of new facts and data.
Dr. Steven Freeland, evolutionary biologist recently
returned from assignments at the observatory in Hawaii,
helped us to understand the scientific method
and the limitations of scientific claims, which are
always subject to revision when new data emerges.
Dr. Ilia Delio, Franciscan sister and Professor
of Theology at Georgetown University, helped
us to understand the dimensions of truth from
a religious perspective, with a faith that is open to
new forms of knowledge in the context of our religious
traditions. Making the evening more rich in dialogue,
there were 79 different sites around the world, from
New Zealand to Denmark and across the United States,
where persons in churches gathered in small discussion
groups, many of whom sent in questions for the speakers
via an internet connection. Dr. Cate Bennett,
neurobiologist at NIH and a board member for the
Institute of Science and Judaism, serving as moderator
for the evening, coordinated these questions for a
rich give-and-take. For the next several weeks,
the full podcast of this event can be found on our
website, and we are hoping that some of you who
missed making the connection on February 9th can
connect now, and perhaps convene your own discussion
group to play the presentations. We are grateful for the
work of the Local Organizing Committee, chaired by
Dr. Gary Sherman, for coordinating all of the details
and on-site arrangements. Now we have to pay the bills,
and so we make one more appeal to you, our colleagues
and participants, to help even in some small way as we
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and religion dialogue. The more support we receive, the better we can serve you. Many thanks for
your faithfulness.
                                             E. Maynard Moore, Ph.D., President

Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference Breakfast in Baltimore

WesleyNexus will host a “special meal” for informal discussion at the Baltimore-Washington Annual
Conference May 29-31, 2014 at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore. All clergy and lay
members of the Annual Conference are welcome to attend to learn more about the opportunities for
participating in the science and religion dialogue.
It is IMPORTANT to register for this special meal
– breakfast on Friday May 30 – at the time that you register for Annual Conference.
All you
have to do is purchase the meal plan, or buy this one particular meal, when you register. Your meal
ticket for breakfast can then be used to attend this informal discussion with members of the
WesleyNexus Board of Directors. Those clergy persons who might have a conflict might want to have
their lay delegate register for this event to gain perspective and information on forthcoming programs
sponsored by WesleyNexus. Our purpose, as is the case consistent with our mission, is to bring the
best thinking in sound science and contemporary theology together in a way that informs all “thinking
Christians.”  Most especially we encourage young people to attend. Early-bird registration deadline is
Thursday February 27, so please do not delay. Registration is available on-line at

Religion in the Digital Age

The Institute of Science and Judaism and the
Washington DC Jewish Community Center are
hosting a program on Sunday, February 23, 2014
at 3:00 PM at the DCJCC(1529 16th St.NW,
Washington,DC 20036).  The program will feature Wayne Firestone, President, Genesis Prize
Foundation, Amy Lazarus, Executive Director of The International Institute for Sustained Dialogue
and DJ Saul, Chief Marketing Officer of iStrategy Labs.  Come and hear these thought leaders discuss
how technologies that allow for instant global communication and connectivity impact how young
adults experience their faith and traditions.  "How do complex and thought-provoking religious texts
translate in a digitally-focused world?"  Though the context of the conversation targets Jewish faith
communities, the questions asked and the answers given have applicability across all faiths.  The flyer
can be found

Video Available Online

We have posted the podcast of our Evolution Weekend program so that churches, seminaries and
individuals can organize a “viewing event” and facilitate their own discussion. It will be available on
this website through the end of March. You can reach the podcast by going to our jump page
You can also download our discussion guide by clicking

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NY Review of Books:  Brilliant Blunders

Finally, the NY Review of Books has run a review of a new book called Brilliant Bunders: From
Darwin to Einstein — Colossal Mistakes by Great Scientists That Changed Our Understanding of Life
and the Universe
by Mario Livio.  Written by Freeman Dyson, the review applauds the author for
presenting the great discoveries along side the significant mistakes of five of our greatest scientists:
Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Lord Kelvin, Linus Pauling and Fred Hoyle.  The review can be

Thank you.

Rick Barr, WesleyNexus
February 21, 2014
Baltimore-Washington Conference Mission
Center of the United Methodist Church

Distinguished Panel:
Dr. Steve Freeland:
NASA Astrobiology Institute &
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies,
Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County.
Research focused on the origin and
evolution of genetic coding.

Dr. Richard Restak, MD:
Practicing neurologist and
Prof. of neuropsychiatry, GWU;
Author of several articles and
15 books; Popular guest expert
appearing on science, news and
education radio and TV programs.

Sr. Ilia Delio:
Franciscan Sister of Washington;
Senior Fellow in science &
religion at Woodstock Theological
Ctr, Georgetown Univ.; Winner of
2000 Templeton Course Award
in Science and Religion; Author
of several books including
“Christ in Evolution.”

M. Catherine Bennett, PhD
Invited Moderator:
Board Member, Inst. for Science &
Judaism. Cate is a neurobiologist with
over 30 years research experience.
She has a life-long interest in the
fundamental questions about the
origins and meaning of our existence,
viewed through the lens of physics, cosmology,
biology and religion