Dear WesleyNexus Colleague:

It is fairly certain that both your inbox and your mailbox have been jammed with appeals from
nonprofit organizations this month as we approach the end of the tax year. Few of us are burdened
with a “bonus” that we must figure out how to distribute, and even fewer have the benefit of a profit-
sharing plan, so we have to make hard choices for our philanthropy. Therefore, this will be a soft
approach, and just a reminder that as you make those decisions, please remember us, too.
WesleyNexus forges ahead with an annual operating budget under $10,000, much of this supplied by
those of us in the leadership positions. But we have increased our traffic significantly (more than 1200
hits per month on our website) and we sponsor a series of local seminars that are free and open to the
public. We have a significant event scheduled February 9th, our second annual Evolution Week-end
Forum, and we will be incurring extraordinary expenses on this occasion. We are looking for
sponsorships that will allow us to uplink the event for live streaming, but that will cost more than we
have available to us. That is just one immediate need, added to our long-range goal of making the
website interactive. For this we need your support – which can easily be accomplished though your
credit card and the donate button on the website. If you prefer to write a check, make it out to
WesleyNexus, Inc. and mail it to Rick Barr, Secretary, 20500 Fossen Road, Damascus, MD 20888.
We will respond with the appropriate letter for your tax records. Beyond this, many, many thanks for
all you do locally in your social network to advance a faithful and intelligent witness, appropriate for
the 21st century.
                                     Grace and peace to all during this holiday season,
                                     E. Maynard Moore, Ph.D., President, WesleyNexus  

WesleyNexus to Sponsor Second Annual Evolution Weekend in Fulton, MD   

“Daddy, is that story true or were you just preaching?”  
This is the title of a book by Pastor James W. Moore
and the theme of the 2nd annual global celebration of
Evolution Weekend.  This theme promotes exploration
of the reconciliatory power of religious truth and
scientific truth, as these two ways of knowing can be
interdependent and complementary.  

The second annual MD-DC area celebration of
Evolution Weekend will be held 6:00-9:00 pm on
Sunday February 9, 2013 at the Baltimore-Washington
Conference Mission Center of the United Methodist
Church (11711 E Market PL, Fulton, MD.)  
Admission is free.  Participants will enjoy an evening
of scholarship, reflection, and lively discussion led by
distinguished scientists and theologians.

In addition to thought-provoking presentations, a
special drawing will be held for 6 lucky people
(and their guest) to take part on the “First Light Tour.”    
This private tour of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight
Center will be personally led by Dr. John C. Mather,
2006 physics Nobel Laureate.  Dr. Mather’s research,
all but confirming the Big Bang Theory of creation of
the physical universe, has led to the construction of the
James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).  

When launched in 2018, the Webb Telescope—100
times more powerful than the Hubble telescope—will
finally ‘see’ photons that came into being at the moment
the universe burst into existence.  This truly “Very First
Light’ will have been travelling toward earth at 6 trillion miles an hour for the last ~14 billion years.  In
the glow of such barely conceivable new knowledge, the complementarity of religious and scientific
truth about creation would seem nowhere more poignant than in our contemplation about the inspiring
majesty of our universe.  

How Science Can Expand Our Spiritual Horizons

The Institute for Science and Judaism continues to offer lectures and workshops in the Washington
DC area featuring distinguished scientists and religious scholars that address philosophical, ethical,
spiritual and practical issues at the intersection of Science and Religion. As the only Jewish
organization in the Washington-Baltimore area with this focus, the Institute’s programs have been held
in Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative, and Orthodox congregations. On February 23, they will
be teaming up with the DCJCC to host a conversation about Jewish life today, and living it in the
digital age. How do text and traditions translate in today's fast paced, digitally focused world? How are
young adults experiencing life in light of new technologies that allow for instant communication and
connection, not only in our own communities but across the world?  

Planelists include:
Wayne Firestone
Wayne Firestone is President of the Genesis Prize Foundation, which awards an annual $1 million
prize, recognizing exceptional human beings whose values and achievements will inspire the next
generation of Jews. Wayne is the former President and CEO of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish
Campus Life. Wayne is a writer, speaker, and innovator on trends in higher education, Jewish affairs,
and the promotion of inter-generational collaboration. Wayne was twice named by The Jewish Daily
Forward as one of the "Forward 50" who are making a difference in the way American Jews view the
world and themselves.

Amy Lazarus
Amy Lazarus is Executive Director of the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue, which
develops everyday leaders who engage differences as strengths to improve their campuses,
workplaces, and communities. Amy brings a passion for, and over a dozen years of experience
working with, individuals and organizations to create inclusive and effective environments. Amy also
participants in the Global Shapers cohort of the World Economic Forum.

DJ Saul
DJ Saul is Chief Marketing Officer of iStrategy Labs, an agency that invents ways to engage
communities online and off. DJ focuses on new product development, while exploring new
partnerships and opportunities for iSL and its team members. DJ is a DC Ambassador for Sandbox (a
global network of 900+ inspirational leaders from over 60 countries under the age of 30) and is a co-
producer of the DC Tech Meetup.

The focus is on the Jewish community but all are welcome to attend and learn.  Details can be found
December 23, 2013
Baltimore-Washington Conference Mission
Center of the United Methodist Church

Distinguished Panel:
Dr. Steve Freeland:
NASA Astrobiology Institute &
Director of Interdisciplinary Studies,
Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County.
Research focused on the origin and
evolution of genetic coding.

Dr. Richard Restak, MD:
Practicing neurologist and
Prof. of neuropsychiatry, GWU;
Author of several articles and
15 books; Popular guest expert
appearing on science, news and
education radio and TV programs.

Sr. Ilia Delio:
Franciscan Sister of Washington;
Senior Fellow in science &
religion at Woodstock Theological
Ctr, Georgetown Univ.; Winner of
2000 Templeton Course Award
in Science and Religion; Author
of several books including
“Christ in Evolution.”