Dear WesleyNexus Colleague:

Last Sunday, February 10th, 2013, WesleyNexus sponsored a local program celebrating Evolution
Weekend.  Over 120 participants came to the United Methodist Church Baltimore-Washington
Conference Mission Center to hear
Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase, Astrophysicist with the Adler Planetarium
in Chicago and Sr. Research Associate with the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics, University
of Chicago, and
Rev. Bruce Booher, ordained pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of
America and a member of the Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology. This program was
the kick-off to begin what will be a six week live web cast program through
Darkwood Brew.  Dr.
Eric Elnes
was the conversation moderator for the first half of the program connecting from his home
base in Omaha, NE to two separate locations in the Chicago area through Skype interactive software.  
While the audio and video connections were not Hollywood quality (typical of Skype connections) the
interactive conversation more than made up for it.  

After the web cast and a short break, a local Maryland panel with
Dr. John Mather (Nobel Prize in
physics, 2006),
Dr. Connie Bertka  (Co-chair of the Smithsonian Human Origins Project), Rabbi
George Driesen
(Founder and President of the Institute for Science and Judaism), and Thomas
(recently part of the BioLogos Foundaton team and now with the National Academy of
Sciences) continued the conversation -- providing their impressions of the questions initially probed
during the Darkwood Brew webcast.  New questions were also presented to the panel from the
audience in the BWC Mission Center.  The time passed quickly and far too soon the discussion had to
end.  We at WesleyNexus are grateful to the Darkwood Brew, our local expert panel and the
participants for making the night one worth remembering.  

Darkwood Brew will continue the conversation on February 17 at 6:00 PM (EST) when
Dr. Grace
will again be the guest of Dr. Eric Elnes.  The program will continue for the next five
weeks.  You can reach the Darkwood Brew web site
here or can go to the main page of WesleyNexus
here and click on the link.  

We encourage you, wherever you might be on each Sunday night during the Lenten season, to be at
your computer, connect to the conversation (which ends with a simple sharing of bread and wine) and
join the discussion with family and friends. WesleyNexus is looking forward to supporting
constructive, engaging conversation in science and religion throughout the remainder of this year.   

God Bless,
Rick Barr, Secretary, WesleyNexus
February 16, 2013