Dear WesleyNexus Colleague:

WesleyNexus has posted a number of events that will take place during the latter half of February,
2012.  Most are in the Mid-Atlantic region.    

  • February 18, 2012 – “Beyond Evolution: Religious Questions in Science Classrooms,” at the
    AAAS Annual Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

  • February 19, 2012 – “The Spirit in the Synapse: Did God Create the Brain, or  Did the Brain
    Create God?” a presentation & discussion by Dr. Jeffrey C. Pugh, Powell Professor of Religious
    Studies, Elon University, at Christ Crossman United Methodist Church, 384 N. Washington
    Street, Falls Church, VA 22046.

  • February 21, 2012 – “The Mystical Experience: Insights from Psilocybin Research,” by Dr.
    Roland Griffiths, Professor of Behavioral Biology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, an event
    sponsored by The Institute for Science and Judaism and Oseh Shalom Congregation, 7515 Olive
    BranchWay, Laurel, MD 20707.

  • February 24, 2012 -  “The Book Nobody Read: A Closer Look at the Book that Moved the
    World, Copernicus’ De revolutionibus,” by Dr. Owen Gingerich, Professor Emeritus of
    Astronomy and of the History of Science at Harvard University, program at Messiah College in
    Grantham, PA

  • February 25, 2012 – “Journey of the Universe,” a film screening and lecture by Mary Evelyn
    Tucker and John Grim, with afternoon workshop at the National Cathedral, Washington, DC.

  • March 2-3, 2012 – “Science and Theology: Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Critical Thinking,”
    a presentation by Kenneth J. Collins, Professor of Historical Theology and Wesley Studies,
    Asbury Theological Seminary, at the annual meeting of the Wesleyan theological Society, being
    held at Trivecca Nazarene Seminary, Nashville, TN. Responses: Thomas Jay Oord, Professor of
    Theology and Philosophy, Northwest Nazarene University, and Maynard Moore, WesleyNexus:
    Science and Religion within the Wesleyan Tradition.

Additional information can be found on the WesleyNexus
events page.  


On February 12, 2012, in celebration of Evolution Sunday, 45 people gathered at
Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church in Washington, DC to hear about the private
specimen collection of Alfred Russel Wallace. The collection was discovered thirty years ago by
Robert Heggestad, then a young lawyer, when he purchased a chest of drawers in 1979 for $600 at an
antique shop in Arlington, VA.  The collection has been authenticated and now is in the possession of
the Smithsonian.  Wallace, while in the field in Malaysia, sent his letter to Darwin outlining the theory
of evolution by natural selection, which was presented to the Linnaean Society in London in 1858
along with Darwin’s paper – and the rest is history. Heggestad provided poster-size photographs of
many of the beetles, butterflies, spiders and shells found in this priceless collection. You can get a
sense of the collection by viewing the video produced by the National Science Foundation called
Cabinet of Wonders: Personal Collection of Alfred Russel Wallace".   


If you know of any events near you that we should post, please send an email to  

God Bless,
Rick Barr, Secretary, WesleyNexus
February 15, 2012