Dear WesleyNexus Colleague:

WesleyNexus Article in the Baltimore-Washington UM Connection:
Linda Worthington of the UM Connection, the Baltimore-Washington Conference published an article
on WesleyNexus in the October 19, 2011 issue.  A copy of the article can be found
here.  To access
the entire UM Connection issue, go to  The WesleyNexus
article can be found on page 7.

WesleyNexus Advisory Board:
Eight scholars have accepted appointment to the newly formed WesleyNexus Advisory Board. All
eight have made significant contributions to the science and religion dialogue. The perspective each
brings to us extends well beyond Methodism into the broad Wesleyan tradition, and will provide a
diverse source of insight and advice as WesleyNexus moves forward in the coming years. Other
scholars will be invited soon. The roster of the 2011 Advisory Board members can be found

Reminder of Evolution Weekend (February 10-12, 2012):  
WesleyNexus reminds all who are interested in Evolution Weekend 2012 to join other United
Methodist congregations around the country and register their program. Just send an email to with the name of your church, the city and state, and the name of the
sponsor, usually the pastor. The Clergy Project can be accessed through Links on

Nebraska Wesleyan Course on Science and Religion
Rev. Michael Dowd is offering a science and religion web course through Nebraska Wesleyan called
"Saying 'Yes!' to Science AND Religion." The first session is available through UMTube with
subsequent sessions to be posted later. Check it out at:

Fall 2011 WesleyNexus Lecture/Discussion in Silver Spring, Maryland:
On November 20, 2011, at 7:00 p.m., WesleyNexus will co-sponsor a Lecture/Discussion with Dr.
James Wiseman, entitled “What Does it Mean to say God Acts in Our World?” Dr. Wiseman is
Associate Professor of Theology at Catholic University of America in Washington DC, and serves as
Abbot of the St. Anselm’s Abbey. Further details can be found on our
events web page.

Events in Science and Religion:
This fall, there are a number events around the country related to the science and religion dialogue. As
WesleyNexus identifies those events, we will post them on the events page of our website. We will be
posting events in the Washington, DC area by the end of the month.   They can be found
here.  If you
know of any lectures or discussions that would be of interest to participants of WesleyNexus, please
let us know.  

God Bless,
Rick Barr, Secretary, WesleyNexus
October 26, 2011