Dear WesleyNexus Colleague:

We begin the new academic year on a high note: within the last two weeks we received from the IRS
official notification that we are now approved (retroactive back to October 10, 2009) as a tax-exempt
charitable, educational entity. This is a welcome outcome to a long process and much interaction with
the IRS nonprofit bureau, so now we have had our first two years work extensively scrutinized and

There is a new posting on our website that is worth a visit: a web course is being offered by the
Nebraska Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, called “Say Yes! To Science and
Religion.”  Leadership is provided by Rev. Michael Dowd; the course begins on October 11 and goes
through November 15, 2011. For more information, contact Stephanie Nelson at or call 402-465-2222. We hope to learn of more courses like this in the
weeks ahead.  The website can be found

A wonderful resource for personal and group enrichment is Michael Dowd's "Advent of Evolutionary
Christianity." It contains 44 interviews with theologians, scientists, philosophers and pastors addressing
issues directly related to the science and religion dialogue. Participants come from across the Christian
perspective and offer rich insights to those wondering how Christianity fits into an evolutionary
cosmos. You can find Michael Dowd's website
here. (Registration is required.)

The Montgomery County Science and Religion Discussion Group will begin its discussion for the year
with a conversation around a provocative question presented to scholars on Every year,
Edge asks a conversational question to be addressed by scientists and scholars participating in their
dialogue. This year’s question has relevance to a number of our concerns. Edge asks "WHAT
Montgomery County discussion group will be taking a handful of the responses, discussing how each
concept applies to an understanding of science and an understanding of faith.  

The DC Theology Pub will be discussing the book Language of God by Francis Collins (Director,
NIH) on September 11, 2001 @ 6:00 PM. The discussion will take place at Zorba's, 1612 20th St.
NW, Washington, DC. For more information and registration, please check out the website

Our events page can be found

Please let us know of any events related to science and religion in your region. Our focus so far has
been  on promoting events in the Washington, DC area. As we grow, we hope to be able to announce
events all across the US. As I mentioned last month, we at WesleyNexus will continue to support the
science and religion dialogue in our local communities and to spread the word wherever we can. As
always, if you have comments or suggestions, please contact us.

God Bless,
Rick Barr, Secretary, WesleyNexus
August 22, 2011