Resolution approved by the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, May 28, 2011.

WesleyNexus, Inc.

Whereas, John Wesley's writings show enthusiasm for the findings and discoveries of science, and
John Wesley encouraged his preachers to study the latest and best writings of scientists in his day, we
believe that if John Wesley were alive in our time that he would be actively studying contemporary
scientific writings, and vigorously working on writing theological opinions concerning contemporary
issues; and.

Whereas, we in the United Methodist Church cherish our heritage, and the United Methodist Church
considers itself an integral part of the world-wide “Wesleyan Spirit;” and

Whereas, we as Wesleyans, affirm the principles that have been defined as the Wesleyan
Quadrilateral: for analysis and interpretation of our religious convictions, so that we draw upon
(1) Scripture (as primary), (2) Tradition, (3) Reason and (4) Experience, for understanding ourselves,
our world, and our salvation; and

Whereas, we consider the findings of sound science to be encompassed by Reason; and

Whereas, the 2008 General Conference endorsed several general resolutions in support of sound
scientific principles, methodologies, and findings, including the theory of evolution, with language that
is now found in our Book of Discipline and our Social Principles; and

Whereas, several United Methodist bishops have established dialogue and papers on their websites, to
encourage their pastors and laypeople to think seriously about issues concerning science at the nexus
of  religious faith in our contemporary world; and

Whereas, several clergy and laypeople associated with churches in the Baltimore-Washington
Conference have taken the initiative to establish a website ( as a resources tool
for persons in the Wesleyan tradition to gain perspective, insights and conversational facility
concerning issues of science and religion;

THEREFORE> we affirm this effort to broaden and deepen the dialogue among the people of our
churches in this field where religion meets science, and we encourage persons who are so inclined to
utilize the resources available on the website for discussion purposes.

Be it so resolved.

Approved by the WesleyNexus Board of Directors, meeting on January 5, 2011.
Submitted to BWCUMC Connectional Table by Dr. Walter Shropshire, President, and   Dr. E.
Maynard Moore, Vice President, WesleyNexus, Inc., Damascus, MD
July 7, 2011