Privacy and Communication
Information We Collect
We may collect information (including your name, email address, address, telephone
number, and current age) when you:

• Access materials on the web site
• Join
• Subscribe to the Email Newsletter or to Email Updates
• Correspond with electronically or via stationary (email/snail mail)
• Inquire about our resources
• Offer suggestions, comments, questions, or complaints
• Post a question or comment on an electronic community bulletin board
• Participate in an online discussion hosted by
• Report a problem with the website
• Donate to (we do not collect financial data or account information)

Using Information We Collect
At, we will respect your privacy while encouraging participation within
a growing online community. All contact information is used to identify participants, to
send electronic newsletters via email, and to engage in correspondence. Our goal is to
form and maintain the online community through the sharing of information related to
science and religion (web links, material, references, book lists, articles, responses,
comments, questions, ideas, critiques, recordings, podcasts, etc.).

Information We Share with Others and Your Privacy Rights
We will NOT sell or distribute our email list or mailing list to any party or organization.   
Any collected information will be maintained in a private database. We do not collect
data via cookies or Pixel Tags.

General Communication Policy
The founders of WesleyNexus want to provide a forum for a more constructive, healthy,
and vigorous dialogue among people in the science and religion fields. The goal is to
incorporate the best understandings from both science and religion into a credible
understanding of the world. In such an endeavor, differences will emerge from many
points of view. We believe such differences can be articulated and explored to everyone’
s mutual benefit as participants seek both to understand and to be understood.

Dissent and disagreement should be expected in online communications with one another.
It is our belief that better understanding can emerge through the constructive sharing of
dissent and disagreement; however, civility (civil behavior) is a must at all times,
especially when passion runs high. We are providing guidelines for participants to use in
all their communications on the website. We call on all participants to
follow these guidelines, and when necessary, to alert us concerning those who do not.
We are confident these guidelines will improve the experience for

Unfortunately, for all of the positive and creative potential of the World Wide Web, there
is also a downside. As we attempt to create a vibrant and healthy online community, it is
necessary to offer a final policy statement about destructive online behavior. Cyber-
harassment, flaming, hazing, trolling, impersonation, and all forms of deception and fraud
are prohibited on the website. Each participant must represent his or
her own interests only and not serve as a proxy for any other party, unless officially
designated and approved as such by the WesleyNexus Board. We trust these more
negative aspects of online behavior will not emerge as we seek to serve our online
community. All violations of this policy should be reported using the “Contact Us” button
on the homepage of, unless the behavior is being addressed by a
moderator in a real-time “live” event.

We appreciate the trust you place in, and we are committed to
respecting your privacy and the security of your personal information. Our privacy
policy, adopted 5 January 2010, describes the information we collect and how we use it.
We always welcome your questions and feedback. For privacy-related issues, please
contact us at
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