Organizational History
WesleyNexus Inc. Advisory Board
October, 2011
Connie Bertka, Ph. D. , Program Director of the Deep Carbon Observatory, Carnegie
Institution for Science

Bishop Kenneth Carder (retired), Ruth W. & A. Morris Williams Professor Emeritus of
the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School.  

Philip Clayton, Ph. D., Ingraham Professor at Claremont School of Theology in
Claremont, California.        

John Haught, Ph. D., Senior Fellow, Science and Religion Woodstock Theological
Center, Georgetown University.

Christopher C. Knight, Ph.D., Executive Secretary of the International Societyfor
Science and Religion (ISSR) and a Research Associate of the Institute for Orthodox
Christian Studies in Cambridge, England.

Rev.  David McAllister-Wilson, D. Min.  President, Wesley Theological Seminary

James B. Miller, Ph. D.  Former Senior Program Associate, Dialogue on Science,
Ethics, & Religion, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Thomas Oord, Ph. D., Theologian, philosopher, and scholar of multi-disciplinary
studies. He is the author or editor of more than twenty books and professor in the
American northwest.o

William Phillips, Ph. D., Nobel Laureate in Physics, Physical Measurement Laboratory,
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Jennifer Wiseman, Ph. D.  Director of the AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and
Religion and Senior Project Scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA

Michael Zimmerman, Ph. D., Founder and Executive Director, Clergy Letter Project